Your Hands – Your Friends

Some weeks ago a friend of mine said; “Your hands are beautiful.”  I thought: “Well, friendly remark but hands are just hands.  Nothing special about them.”

Later I looked at my hands, curled my fingers, stretched my fingers, grabbed an apple and started to think about hands.

Hands are ordinary, right?  People have hands.  Of course, there are some unfortunate people who lost their hands in accidents or in the cruelty of war and my heart goes out to them.  I wish that they find purpose and joy in life even though they have no hands.

But we ordinary people have hands.  No, we fortunate people have hands.  Are we not fortunate to have hands?  Are YOU not fortunate?  Think about it.  Your hands open doors, peel potatoes, comb your hair, type on keyboards, pet your dogs and cats, embrace your loved ones.

The more I think about it, the more I love my hands. 

When YOU think about it – don’t you love your hands, too?  They are very cooperative, aren’t they?  You don’t need to be stern to them and command them to pick up an apple.  You don’t have to tell different muscles in your shoulders, arms, wrists and fingers to bend or stretch in order to pick up an apple.  I wouldn’t even know how to do that!  You just intend it and – oh miracle – your hand picks up that apple.  Quite easily, and it does not even reproach you when you don’t say “thank you”.

Most of the time you are lost in the grey fog of your thoughts and completely unaware of the miracles of life which surround you, also, of the miracle of life that you are.  Including your hands.

Silly thoughts?  Or fresh new thoughts?  When you get a new idea, this idea changes you.  As the saying goes: “The perceiver is changed by the perceived.”  Now, you are enriched by a new fresh thought.

Next time, when you look at these things that are connected to your arms via your wrists, you say to yourself:  “Hey, what great hands you have here!”