Your Cup Too Full?

Are you aware of your cup being too full? Too many activities, too many commitments, too many distractions, too many thoughts?

“What’s wrong with a full cup?” you might ask. In answer to that let me tell you a story.  

Some time ago there was a powerful Shaikh who ruled over his tribe with justice. He was blessed with beautiful and strong children. He owned flocks of sheep and camels. His coffers were filled with coins. The neighboring tribes respected him – but still something was missing in his life.

Since the moment he felt that something was missing, he had to think about it day in, day out. His desire to find the missing piece in his life grew stronger and stronger until, one day, he learned about a Sufi Master, an enlightened being, a teacher of souls.

The Shaikh felt in his heart that he had to see this Sufi Master to learn about the missing piece. So, he set out to pay this Master a visit with a large entourage of warriors, servants, horses, and camels which carried precious gifts. At the Masters dwelling place they were received with due honor.  When warriors and servants, horses and camels were taken care of, the Shaikh finally found himself in a quiet room face to face with the Sufi Master.  Humbly he asked him to give him the missing piece. The Sufi-Master answered that he would teach him the wisdom of the soul.

The Sufi Master sent out the servants who had brought in the teapot and the teacups and poured himself tea into the Shaikh’s teacup. He kept pouring and pouring. “I humbly beg you to stop pouring”, asked the Shaikh, “the teacup is already overflowing.”

The Sufi Master smiled. “This was the first lesson.”

Your teacup too full? Your mind too full?

“What’s wrong with too many thoughts?” you might think, “Are we not thinking beings?” We are, I agree – but there is more to us.  

When your mind is too full of thoughts, one following the other in rapid succession, you cannot hear the voice within, your inner or divine guidance.

No inspiration can come into your mind; no fresh tea can be poured into your cup when your teacup is already too full.

 Brigitte Novalis, , therapist, of “Finding Love” and “The Magic of Inner Silence

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