Wind and Weather

Our daily life is not always a walk in the sunshine.  There can be rain and storm and hail.  There can be thunderstorms.  That’s how nature is.  That’s how life is.

Oftentimes we give these aspects of wind and weather negative meanings.  For some, rainy weather gets the label of “bad weather”.  For many people storm and hail are “really bad”.  Also thunderstorms.  Some others hope for rain, wait for rain and give a rainy day the label of “good weather” but complain about sunshine.

Many years ago, when I walked with my children to the kindergarten which was situated between well tended vegetable and flower gardens along a brook, I met parents who also walked their children to the kindergarten because it could not be reached by car.  It surprised me how many of them complained about the weather.  No matter how the weather was – it was not right.  In their mind it was either “too cold”, “too hot”, “too stormy”, ”too wet”, “too dry”, or “too unpredictable”.  Every day they had something else to complain about.

How they would have complained about the rain and storm on this island!

Yes, yes, I admit, there are times when we need umbrellas or rain coats.  At times we rather get out of the hot sunshine and stay in the shade.  There are other times, when hail and thunderstorms pass by, it is a good idea to find refuge in our homes.

But what fun  it is to live a life where so many different and exciting aspects of wind and weather come our way, embrace us!  

There is also wind and weather in our life.  As it is with weather, life and the different aspects of life have no inherent meaning.  They just occur.  THEY ARE.  Instead of opposing the wind and weather of life, see them as neutral.  Accept them.  Then, if you wish, you can give them  – a hopefully positive – meaning.  “Good opportunity”, “needed experience”, “empowering challenge”.  At other times, just “fun” and “joy”!

Live a life of fun and joy in all wind and weather!