Who is Right? Who is Wrong?

You don’t have to live through an election campaign in order to be confronted with a barrage of conflicting opinions.  You can be exposed to various points of view at any business meeting or social gathering.

When you listen to a lively debate you will notice that one of the speakers expresses opinions that you don’t agree with but he makes one statement that you think is right.  On the other hand you might agree with his opponent in general but strongly disagree on one particular statement he makes.

Who is right?  Who is wrong?

Right now, more than 7 billion people live on earth.  Everyone has a different point of view.  Even identical twins look at life from different angles.

Just imagine this for a moment.  There are more than 7 billion points of view in our world.  People have different opinions on every imaginable topic.  Of course, they can also agree.

Who is right?  Who is wrong?


Does it really matter who is right or wrong? 

Isn’t it our right to be who we want to be – even if we want to follow others – and act as we want to act?

Isn’t it good and stimulating, even inspiring that people have different opinions?  Isn’t that what makes for rich and colorful societies?

I think diversity is good.  It serves our personal development.  There is a caveat, however.  As diverse as opinions, behaviors, actions and beliefs might be  – and they are – there is one determining factor for a good outcome.  That determining factor is the source.  If they come from the heart – these diverse opinions, behaviors, actions, and beliefs will ultimately lead to positive developments.

If they are based on egotism, fear, and hatred, the outcome will be suffering and destruction.

Take it easy about being right or wrong.  Be yourself.  Just make sure that your thoughts and actions come from the heart.  Then life gets better and better – for you and for others.