Well Packaged – Naturally!

Have you ever peeled an orange?  The sturdy skin which feels good to the touch also protects the fruit inside. The skin does not easily give way but when you open it you find the orange inside embedded in a soft white layer, perfect in its form. When you carefully divide the orange you see that every part of it has its own skin which holds together even smaller bags of juice – well packaged – naturally!

You have enjoyed the scent and taste of oranges, right?  Have you ever marveled at the beauty of an orange?  At its perfection?  No? Why ever not?

Because you are so used to seeing or eating oranges – that they are not special anymore?

Have you become so used to the many beautiful gifts in your life like animals, plants, hills, rivers, sunshine, wind and rain that you are no longer aware of their beauty or vitality?

This orange is a gift of nature, precious, beautiful, well tasting, and – well packaged, naturally! Nature in its wisdom knows about organizing.  In fact, nature is the carpet of life of which you are a thread. You belong to life here on earth. You are interwoven with it. Honor it!

The gift in honoring it is this – when you rediscover for yourself the richness and beauty of life all around you, also in oranges, you will also rediscover your own beauty and richness.

Your body-mind-spirit system is also beautiful and precious. And well packaged – naturally!


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