Brigitte Novalis – Therapist, Healer, Author

Hello and welcome!

This is Brigitte Novalis. I’m so pleased that you’re connecting with me here! I would love to use this unique platform in the vast internet universe as a meeting place where we can look together at new, fresh, pleasant and inspiring ways of living in our ever changing and evolving world.


The Internet in which we meet has its own unique energy vibration as the entire Universe has a unique energy vibration. This means that the Universe is aware and alive and everything that is a part of the Universe shares being aware and alive.


Some parts of the Universe seem to be more alive and than others because they express themselves in louder ways like human beings and animals. Some express themselves in quieter ways like plants and minerals. Nevertheless, being a part of this living Universe, they are also alive and aware.

So is the Internet.  Imagine all the many people on earth who write emails, who share thoughts and pictures on Facebook, who Skype and Google and blog and watch Youtube videos. Through these actions all of these human beings weave patterns in the Internet in their unique ways – as you do.

As I do. I reach out to you through my books and blogs, through my pictures and quotes on Facebook and my innovative meditations on this website and on Youtube. I reach out to you with kindness and love.

As an intuitive healer and a therapist (clinical , programming, level) and an inspired author I have gained insights which I would love to share with you. Insights about how to live a richer, more fulfilling life and how to make our world a better place.

You have the potential for a rich and fulfilling life – if only you know how to go about it. When I mention “rich” I don’t necessarily mean rich in a financial way, although that is part of it. I talk about your life being rich in happiness, in peace of mind, in sharing love and feeling good about yourself. A good life, a fulfilling life. You can live it.

My books are written through inspiration which means they are inspired and inspiring and have a high positive energy vibration. They will do something for you. Of course, something good. Here are two of them. More books to come.

You find more information about them on this website. My books are available everywhere – at Amazon.com and Amazon.de and Amazon.uk, at Barnes & Nobel, at Smashwords, Sony and Kobo, and even at Australian Bookworld.

Nothing is just coincidence.  The mere fact that you are looking at this site and reading these lines shows that you are open for change.  Come and visit this place often. You will find solutions.

A good way to start is my book “8 Steps to Getting What You Want in Life”. Go get it for free! It’s right here on this website.

So, please, join the discussion, connect with like minds and hearts and interact with me and others here.  Your thoughts matter.  You matter.

Brigitte Novalis – Therapist, Healer, Author