From Boredom to Liveliness

There are times in our lives when we notice that life is not lively any more.  Day follows day, night follows night, all in a , ordinary, and – we must admit  – dull manner.  We are bored.  We are listless.  If we allow this to continue, it might get worse as we start to think and believe that life has nothing better to offer.  For some, this is the spiral down into depression.

If you feel bored – stop right now and make changes!


You are in charge of your life. You can step out of your dull in easy, comfortable  steps.  is deadly, at least to your and joy of life.

When was the last time that you looked at the sky?  Played in water?  Danced with abandon?

To into a more joyful life, make a few .  Eat something different for lunch.  Get up 20 minutes earlier and enjoy breakfast instead of the quick coffee on the go.  Before bedtime, go for a walk.  When you leave the house, look at the sky.  Feel the wind on your skin.

With such seemingly easy steps will move you from boredom to liveliness.