How Much Strength Can You Muster in Times of Turmoil?

When life runs smoothly, it’s easy for us to be confident. When minor challenges occur, we can quickly find solutions.

But what if there was a major crisis? What if your strength is taxed heavily when the circumstances of your life are changing rapidly? What resource can you rely on? What solid ground can you stand on firmly?

You know as well as I that money is not the solution. Of course, having enough money is helpful and reassuring. However, during the economic crisis we have seen friends losing their jobs, their fortunes, their homes.

So, where do we find our strength?

Look at this medieval castle. How firmly it stands on its ground of solid rock. You also can have such solid rock as your foundation. What is it?

It’s listening to your inner guidance
to find the right way out of a crisis. It’s trusting in your worthiness and wisdom which gives you strength.

Yes, circumstances may change but you can always find a new ground on which you can stand firmly.

If you believe in your inner strength, you can rely on it.

Are you ready to do that?