Together – side by side

So many people long to be together, side-by-side, with someone they love.  Or finding someone they could be together with, side-by-side.

Oftentimes people think that such a relationship must be outstanding, absolutely thrilling, extraordinary – and it can be.  But as they think of such a relationship as being so rare and extraordinary and therefore unattainable, they often give up on their goal and stay lonely.

Look at this photo taken in my home city, Muenster, Germany.


There are two people together, side-by-side.  They sit under a blue umbrella on a bench in the drizzle – and it drizzles quite often in my home city!  They seem to be quite comfortable with themselves, with each other, with the drizzle.

You see that there are bushes and trees in abundance at this small river promenade.  Indeed, there are many promenades with flowers, bushes and trees in my home city.  Behind the trees and bushes you see walls and houses.  The city and nature are together here, side-by-side.

As you see, towns and cities CAN invite nature to flourish within their walls.  Of course, you have to plant and nurture the flowers and trees.

You CAN invite love into your life, someone to be together with you, side by side.  Of course, you have to plant and nurture this relationship.

If you don’t know how, you can learn it.  A good start would be the ebook “How to Overcome Loneliness”.  You can get it  here .

I wish for you to be together, side-by-side, with someone you love.