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Spiritual Healing Methods and Healing Sessions

I love to do personal sessions and I offer a limited number every month.

As an intuitive healer, I connect with you and your energy during a session.

As a therapist, I stand on a solid foundation of cutting-edge
spiritual healing methods
and modalities:
Clinical Hypnotherapy, Reiki Master level, Neurolinguistic Programming, and they work well. Still, some years ago, I asked the Divine for an even more potent healing system to help my clients even faster and better and I received it when I was in meditation.

Let me introduce my own spiritual healing modality to you, the

Multi Level Transformation System

A super-charged form of healing that consists of several spiritual healing methods: Dynamic Energy Therapy, Alpha Healing, Internal Mind Movie Therapy, and Spiritual Energy Transformation to quickly transform the physical, mental, and emotional blocks/stresses/traumas you may be experiencing keeping you from creating your greatest life’s vision.

The key to why the Multi Level Transformation System is so potent is that all healing is done from the Core Energy of Unconditional Love.

Sessions are enjoyable and heartfelt. Expect to experience joyful bursts of laughter, releasing of tears, relaxation, peace, gratitude and a sense of deeper connection during the session. Most of all, you will notice positive shifts in your life.

All this is easily done using telephone or audio/video Skype.

 Healing Therapist Brigitte Novalis and Spiritual Healing Methods

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Peace for All

We always long for peace. At the end of the year, when the nights are long and dark – at least in the northern hemisphere where I live – we long for peace even more.

We celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah or other wonderful holidays where we share love, and gifts and the promise of peace for all.

When you think of “peace for all” you usually think of people, right?  You have your own family in mind, your circle of friends, your neighborhood, your nation, people on your continent, people on earth. Peace for all people!

peace for all creatures

What about the creatures who share life on earth with us? What about our furred and feathered, scaled and winged fellow creatures? Is “peace for all” meant for them as well?

Maybe you think, “They are just dull animals. What do they know of peace?” Well, animals are also aware, only in different ways. They feel joy and pain. They act, they dream. They have – to varying degrees – personalities. Everyone of you who has a dog or cat or horse in their life knows about their loyalty and love.

Well, then, if we want to extend the idea of “peace for all” to animals, what can we do to make it happen?  It all starts and ends with you. When you love and respect yourself and others, you shine your light.  When you include all life in your love, your light shines even brighter.

“Shining your light” is not a metaphor. Reiki masters and healers like myself work with this light. People who are gifted with clairvoyance see this light. People with an open heart feel this light. By the way, more and more people are opening their hearts for love and kindness. This light is the love, wisdom, and power of your higher consciousness or soul. What you hold in your heart and mind “matters”.  By shining your light you create new positive realities.

At this holiday season, when we celebrate Christmas or Hanuka other wonderful holidays, let us open our hearts and minds to include in our love, in our respect, in our desire for peace – all creatures.

Let us create “peace for all”!


Brigitte Novalis, healer, therapist, author of “Finding Love” and “The Magic of Inner Silence


Behind the Mirror – What Do You See?

When you look in the mirror with your physical eyes, what do you see? An old face? A young face? A smile? A frown?

When you look behind the mirror – what do you see?

Maybe you are asking yourself right now what I mean by “looking behind the mirror”. How do you go about it? You look at yourself with your heart’s vision, with your intuition. It needs some practice to do this but you can look “behind the mirror” if you want to and are willing to learn. Everybody has this ability. It just lies dormant until you practice it.

Imagine looking at yourself in a mirror, and you do so with your eyes closed. If you desire to look behind the mirror – at YOU – you will get some impressions about yourself, mostly impressions that you feel as an emotion or several emotions.

What do you see? Sadness? If so, love and cheer yourself up! Make yourself smile. If you “see” anger, ask yourself what you are angry about. Most of all time you might be angry because a situation did not turn out as you may have wanted. Don’t hold on to anger but rather accept that you have created the situation, if not consciously then subconsciously. When you accept this fact, you own it and can make the changes in YOU which will eventually bring the results you desire.

If you “see” a certain meanness and selfishness, you have work to do. Of course, only if you wish to live a life worth living. You can “work” on selfishness and meanness by yourself, however that takes a long time. You can shorten the time of transformation by working with a hypnotherapist and Reiki Master such as myself or with any other person who can provide love and wisdom.

When you learn how to look behind the mirror, you eventually look through the layers of your personality. Then you notice something beautiful.

When you look through all the layers of your personality, what you see is the divine energy that you are.

Behind the mirror – that is what you see.


3 Keys to Great Relationships

Everyone wants to have great relationships. Don’t you agree? Do you also agree that many of us don’t have such great relationships?

When you look around you see people who are unhappy in their relationships.  Some feel lonely, some sad, some abandoned, some forsaken. These are not necessarily people who live all by themselves. They live with their parents, spouses, and friends. Although they are surrounded by people, oftentimes good people, they still feel lonely. There is more to great relationships than just having people in your life.

Most of us approach both life and relationships haphazardly. Although there is no map showing us how to live our lives or how to create enjoyable relationships, there are 3 keys inherent in great relationships. They are LOVE, RESPECT, and JOY.

Without mutual love, you cannot have great relationships. Without mutual respect, you cannot have great relationships. Even without joy you cannot have great relationships. Your relationships might work on some level but they will be dreary.  And who wants that?

Most of my healing work as a hypnotherapist and energy Reiki Master is dedicated to helping people with their relationships. With me, they heal their problems and change their attitudes.  As a result, they improve their existing relationships or create new enjoyable relationships because when you change your inner world, the outer world changes as well.

What about your relationships? Do you think there is room for improvement? Would you love to have great relationships? 

If so, read “Finding Love” and learn how to go about it! 

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If you want great relationships, you can have them. Learn how to use the 3 keys and see what happens.


Love Your Inner Child

Your inner child – what is that?  An idea?  A fantasy?  No, your inner child is quite real.  As real as your mind is.  As real as your spirit or soul is.  Your inner child is an inherent part of the body-mind-spirit system that you are.

“I don’t know,” I hear some of you saying, “Body, yes, I have a body.  Mind, yes, too.  I do think and use my brain but I’m not so sure about the spirit part.  I don’t see my spirit in the mirror.  I cannot touch it with my hands.”

Of course, not.  Your spirit or soul is the energy part of you, that pure divine energy that you are – besides the body and the mind.  The creative part of you, the loving part of you, the wise and joyful part of you.  And your inner child is the little boy or the little girl that you once were.  It is still there inside of you.

How do you go about loving your inner child?

You don’t have to be a hypnotherapist or Reiki Master like myself to be able to love your inner child; you can simply imagine your inner child and talk with him or her.

If you have never done it before, your inner child might be shy or aloof.  After all, you have never before been kind to him or her.  Some people tell me that their inner child is even angry with them.  If that is so with you, be patient and kind.  After a while, your inner child will come closer and smile at you.  It is innocent and loving.

Ask your inner child what he or she wants.  If he says “vanilla ice cream,” eat vanilla ice cream.  If she says: “I want a teddy bear,” buy a teddy bear.  I bought a wonderful teddy bear for my little girl and have to smile whenever I see him in my bedroom.  Some people get crayons and make pictures with their inner child.  Some sing merry songs or whistle along.

Most of the time, however, your inner child just wants your loving attention.  Hug your inner child.  Talk with her.  How I love to “look out of her eyes.”  As I walk or drive, I show her things like trees in blossom or gigantic trucks.  She also talks with me.  “Look at the cloud there!  Looks like a rabbit, right?”

If you want to be happy, love your inner child.




Strong and Bold

You may have met or seen some impressive people who appear to be strong and bold.  The way they talk and act gives them an air of power and superiority.  They could be leaders in business, politics or sports.  Role models for all of us, or are they?

The colors in this picture are also strong and bold.  The fiery red clouds, mirrored in the lake, and the charcoal black trees and bushes create a dramatic impression.  And yet …

When you take a closer look you notice that the sky above the fiery red clouds is silvery and vast and its reflection in the lake silvery and soft.  So vast the sky, so smooth the lake.  So beautiful the fiery red clouds and the charcoal black trees.  What an impressive composition of nature!

Strong and bold colors can go together with silvery, soft colors and actually complement each other?

So could people who are strong and bold also be tolerant and gentle?  Or tolerant and gentle people also be strong and bold?  Could real power be based on these combined qualities?

Yes, that is exactly my point.  These people might not be impressive but they exude real power, of course, positive power.  Power that combines and harmonizes divergent forces.

What does this mean for you?

If you are strong and bold, balance these qualities with tolerance and gentleness.

If you are tolerant and gentle, balance these qualities with strength and boldness.

For some of you this means to develop your backbone more; for others, to open your heart more.  This dedication to your personal growth is important for you and others.

If you lack all of these qualities – take heart.  Stretch yourself to be the best you can be.  As an intuitive healer and Reiki Master I know that everyone is rich and powerful inside.  I also know that you can create who you want to be.  You can be strong and bold, tolerant and gentle if you wish, and become a true leader over time.



Is This Island Really My Home?

How often have we walked this path!  Just to look at the sand and the grass and the beach roses of this particular path with the blue sea below and the bright sky above makes me happy.  It feels like home.  It is not really my home.  We just spent a few weeks there over the years but when I look at this path, it seems that I can still feel the presence of my loved ones, hear their voices, follow their steps.

My family and I love this island.  The name of the island is “Helgoland”, an island off the shore of Germany in the North Sea.  In olden times it was called “helge land” which means holy or sacred land.

As an intuitive person you will feel the harmonious energies of this island.

You don’t have to be an intuitive healer or Reiki Master as myself to just “get” this  pleasant feeling of “everything is right and good” when you walk this path.

Of course, if you are not really present in your body, in this moment, on this path, you might only experience the angry discussion which you might entertain in your mind with the other person who does not agree with you.  Have you ever had such an inner angry conversation?  Many people do that.  When they speak up loud as they walk along by themselves we think that they may be somehow deranged.  We shouldn’t judge them too harshly.  To tell the truth, in a way we are all somehow deranged – at least a little bit – when we fight our inner battles SILENTLY so that no-one can hear us instead of being present in the moment and place we are in.

Is this island really my home?  It is not and yet…  I have had several beautiful homes in my life and love and loved them all.  Home is where the heart is.  Home is where the loved ones are.  Here, on this island Helgoland, we shared the beauty and serenity of this place.  That makes it somehow our home, don’t you  think so?


Brigitte Novalis – Healer, Therapist and Author

Since childhood she has been aware of her ability to bring peace and harmony into her environment.

Her love of nature, and concern for the planet led her to a career in environmental politics.  Her work resulted in the building of the first European recycling plant, setting into motion a shift in environmental awareness that began in Germany and spread throughout all of Europe.

Realizing that the problem of pollution is a mere symptom of the larger struggles in humanity, Brigitte Novalis turned her focus towards personal and spiritual development. She explored and studied the body-mind-soul connection with the conviction that large-scale shifts in humankind can only come from within and she became an accomplished therapist: Neurolinguistic Psychology, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Reiki Master. Most importantly, she has created her own healing system, the Multi-Level Transformation system.

She is also a motivational author and has written books, in both English and German, on helping people with things like connecting with nature, getting what you want from life and finding love.

But for her entire life, Brigitte has also been a fan of fairy stories.  Since her early childhood she marveled at the tales of dragons, princes and princesses living in faraway lands and castles.

Now, as she puts it, ‘joyfully and freely, as birds fly, my fairy-tales come into my mind, and I write them down for you.’

Brigitte now devotes a part of her time dreaming up adventures and writing fairy stories, complete with colorful characters and beautiful illustrations, which captivate adults and children alike.

You find her books at Amazon  and elsewhere.




Brigitte Novalis – Therapist, Healer, Author

Hello and welcome!

This is Brigitte Novalis. I’m so pleased that you’re connecting with me here! I would love to use this unique platform in the vast internet universe as a meeting place where we can look together at new, fresh, pleasant and inspiring ways of living in our ever changing and evolving world.


The Internet in which we meet has its own unique energy vibration as the entire Universe has a unique energy vibration. This means that the Universe is aware and alive and everything that is a part of the Universe shares being aware and alive.


Some parts of the Universe seem to be more alive and than others because they express themselves in louder ways like human beings and animals. Some express themselves in quieter ways like plants and minerals. Nevertheless, being a part of this living Universe, they are also alive and aware.

So is the Internet.  Imagine all the many people on earth who write emails, who share thoughts and pictures on Facebook, who Skype and Google and blog and watch Youtube videos. Through these actions all of these human beings weave patterns in the Internet in their unique ways – as you do.

As I do. I reach out to you through my books and blogs, through my pictures and quotes on Facebook and my innovative meditations on this website and on Youtube. I reach out to you with kindness and love.

As an intuitive healer and a therapist (clinical hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming, Reiki Master level) and an inspired author I have gained insights which I would love to share with you. Insights about how to live a richer, more fulfilling life and how to make our world a better place.

You have the potential for a rich and fulfilling life – if only you know how to go about it. When I mention “rich” I don’t necessarily mean rich in a financial way, although that is part of it. I talk about your life being rich in happiness, in peace of mind, in sharing love and feeling good about yourself. A good life, a fulfilling life. You can live it.

My books are written through inspiration which means they are inspired and inspiring and have a high positive energy vibration. They will do something for you. Of course, something good. Here are two of them. More books to come.

You find more information about them on this website. My books are available everywhere – at Amazon.com and Amazon.de and Amazon.uk, at Barnes & Nobel, at Smashwords, Sony and Kobo, and even at Australian Bookworld.

Nothing is just coincidence.  The mere fact that you are looking at this site and reading these lines shows that you are open for change.  Come and visit this place often. You will find solutions.

A good way to start is my book “8 Steps to Getting What You Want in Life”. Go get it for free! It’s right here on this website.

So, please, join the discussion, connect with like minds and hearts and interact with me and others here.  Your thoughts matter.  You matter.

Brigitte Novalis – Therapist, Healer, Author


Hello and Welcome!

I’m so pleased that you’re connecting with me here! I would love to use this unique platform in the vast internet universe as a meeting place where we can look together at new, fresh, pleasant and inspiring ways of living in our ever changing and evolving world.


As an intuitive healer and a therapist (clinical hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic psychology, Reiki master level) and an inspired author I have gained insights which I would love to share with you.  Insights about how to live a richer, more fulfilling life and how to make our world a better place.

Nothing is just coincidence.  The mere fact that you are looking at this site and reading these lines shows that you are open for change.  Come and visit this place often. You will find solutions.


A good way to start is “8 Steps to Getting What You Want in Life”. Go get it for free!

So, please,  stay in touch. I write this for you because – you matter.

Brigitte Novalis, healer, therapist, author of “Finding Love” and “The Magic of Inner Silence