Do You Notice How Noisy Our World Is?

Radio, TV, phone calls, text messages, emails, the Internet – all are asking for our attention, sometimes even clamoring for our attention.

And then there is your own mind. Do you notice how thought follows thought, incessantly? Sometimes pleasant thoughts but often critical thoughts, worried thoughts and most of all repetitive and boring thoughts. This incessant uninspired thinking wears us down.

water meditation

Now, meditation is a great way of silencing the mind. As you silence your mind, the inner you, the essential you, can talk to you. Sometimes through thoughts and insights, sometimes just as a feeling of peace or a feeling of joy.

You can meditate in the morning or at night. Some are fortunate enough to find the time to meditate during the day but this is not possible for many of us. What you can do, however, is a kind of mini-meditation.

During the day, stop what you are doing, stop what you are thinking. Take a calm breath and be quiet. Silence your mind for a moment and just feel that you are alive. Just being alive. You might also gain clarity about the best next steps to take.

That is good, it really is, however, just feeling alive is already a blessing.

What do you think?