Spring is Here – Today

Today, the weather couldn’t be better.  At least, in my opinion.  Mild temperatures, blue skies, warm sunshine, a balmy wind.  With one word – spring!

Spring, indeed!  Some bushes show small green leaves.  Forsythias and daffodils are in bloom, at least in my garden.  It’s so nice outside that I start wondering why I sit indoors, writing this blog.  Maybe because  I think of you and like to communicate with you, sharing my joy about this glorious day.

I must confess that I took a peak at the weather forecast for the next couple of days and read that temperatures will be dropping.  Probably, we will have grey skies and rain and cold winds soon.  Whether it will be wet and cold soon or not, today I enjoy spring.

Wherever YOU are, blue skies might not be so enjoyable for you because you might have blue skies most of the time.  Maybe you live in one of the hotter countries and you are waiting for the relief of rain.  The thought of dropping temperatures might cheer you up.

Here, with me, today, it’s spring.  I’m grateful for it.  Most of all, I feel energized by this spring day.  One of these days, walking the dogs in the rain with an umbrella, I might enjoy something different, maybe the freshness of the air, and that is also good.

Wherever you live, whatever you are hoping for – appreciating where you are, here and now, will bring you joy.  It is the NOW moment that counts.  In fact, we can only live now, right?  Your mind can cast thoughts into the past and into the future but your life happens now.

For me here, today, it’s a glorious spring day.  I enjoy it.

Your weather and your life situation might be quite different from my spring day.  The question is:  Do you enjoy your life today?