Grateful for your daily bread?

Your “daily bread” might be bread or porridge, rice or yams, potatoes or raw fish. Regardless of what your basic food is – are you grateful for it?

Are you aware of the diligence of the intelligent forces of nature to let your “daily bread” grow? Just imagine for a moment how wind and weather, sunshine and moonshine contribute to the growth of your food. Imagine those many minutely small organisms in the soil and in the water which help your food grow.

If you step out of the hard small shell of conventional thinking and live from your heart – are you not aware of the liveliness of nature? Of nature’s intelligence? Of nature’s awareness?

Are you not in awe? Are you not grateful?

Don’t take your daily bread for granted. For many people on earth it is not. With all the many earth changes around you – it might not be granted for you one day.

As you breathe in and breathe out, there is balance. You cannot only breathe in or only breathe out. There has to be a balance.

If nature gives to us so generously and abundantly, we have to give back. We have to start nurturing the earth and nurturing the water, at least, stop polluting them.

One small step that you can take right now is being grateful to the earth and grateful to nature. A small step but an important one.

Are you willing to take it?