There are Moments

There are moments when you feel sad, worn out, disappointed with yourself. Wherever you turn, there are obstacles. Whatever you do, turns out mediocre at best. You feel bad about yourself.

In such moments it is good to remember other moments in your life when you have been kind and loving, when you laughed out loud, when you shed tears of compassion.

dog - loving companian

There have been wonderful moments in your life, (haven’t they?) when you walked your dog, this loving companion, and the world was “right”. There have been evenings when you entered your home coming from work, put on the lights and cooked a meal for your family or friends.

There have been mornings when you stepped outside, looked at the wide blue sky and said to yourself “what a wonderful morning”.

These moments are a gift to the world and a gift to yourself.
Remember them, create more of them and smile.