Life Thrives on New Ideas

YOU thrive on new ideas. If you want to thrive – be fresh and creative.

new dayWhen you wake up in the morning, welcome the new day. Greet the new you who just woke up from dreams. Feel your body resting comfortably in your bed. Become aware of your presence or consciousness. Feel that you are alive. You are, are you not?

Being aware of all this, you can make up your mind that this day is entirely different from all preceding days. It is! Also you are different. You are a new person each day. The reason why you get the impression of staying in the daily grind is because you hold on to old thoughts and attitudes.

When you drive to work in the same car or ride the same bus to work in the same streets, this is still a new experience, and if you wish, a better one.

You know that you create your own reality, right? You create your own reality with your thoughts and emotions, based on what you believe to be true. When you believe that you stay in the daily grind – you STAY in the daily grind. When you believe – or strive to believe – that you are a new person with new and fresh experiences, then your experiences will be new and fresh.

What can you do to thrive and to be fresh and creative? Is there any simple way to make your experiences fresher and more enjoyable?  Yes and the magic you can use is “appreciation”.

When you look at your world and your daily life with kind and appreciative eyes, the world looks back at you with freshness and kindness.

Do you see how easily your life can be good and fresh and new – if only you allow yourself to thrive on new ideas?


Brigitte Novalis, healer, therapist, author of “Finding Love” and “The Magic of Inner Silence


City Air Makes You Free!

When you look at this old German city, you might find it interesting or beautiful or even romantic, right?  

For people who lived in such a city about 800 years ago, their city was a place of safety, a refuge where they could live, work, trade and also craft what was needed for the people within its walls or outside.  They were proud of their city, oftentimes grateful.

When people who served on the lands of kings and dukes, succeeded in fleeing the feudal lands and entering a free city, they could gain their freedom.  If they made themselves useful to the community and were allowed to live there for one year and one day, they became free city residents and could no longer be claimed by kings or dukes.

Nowadays, in many countries of our world, we take it for granted to be free.  Let’s be grateful for our freedom!

In order to “earn our living”, we still need to make ourselves useful to the community we live in so that we have the money to pay our bills and dues.

I think we human beings are born with the desire to be free. In our times, we see turmoil all around the world where people fight for the right to be free.  Old political systems are going down, new ones arise.  It is important in such times of change, that we keep in mind that people have different values and a different understanding of what it means for them to be free. 

Let’s respect their dignity and wish them well on their journey into greater freedom!

You, too, whether you live in a city, or town or village in a “free” country, can become even freer as you open your heart and think your own thoughts about what is good and beautiful and true.