I Love My Computer and Writing Fairy-Tales

I love my computer.  When I turned it on this bright, sunny morning, it greeted me with its nice fanfare.  Then the monitor woke up and showed me my beautiful titmouse, sitting on a branch so comfortably.  I love birds, too.

If you EVER wrote books with a typewriter, you will understand why I love computers so much.

If you NEVER wrote a book with a typewriter, imagine this: You type your page, double spaced.  Then you read what you have written.  You like it, but there is room for improvement.  Then you write the improved words or the new idea with a pen into the space between the typed lines.  If writing is your art, you want to express the world of your inner perception with as much clarity as possible.

And maybe inspiration hits you – like it does me – in intervals.  Then a new idea blossoms in your mind, and you scribble it on the border of your manuscript, maybe with an arrow pointing to where it belongs.  After a while, you can hardly make out what all the scribbled additions mean, and you type the page again.  And again.  I wonder how Shakespeare managed.

I’m not Shakespeare. I’m Brigitte Novalis. I don’t write plays. Instead,  I write stories and fairy-tales and love them!

Of course, there is more to computers.  They connect us with the internet.  I can hardly imagine how my life was before the internet.  Can you?  Some people say there was no life before the internet.  I wouldn’t go quite so far, but it surely has gotten easier.

I love this vast space we share with all the people on earth who have computers and access to the internet.  This electro-magnetic field that surrounds earth, that is filled with millions and billions of connections to people, businesses, libraries, websites, movie theaters, cities, countries, TV stations.  It seems endless.  If you have a question – any question! – you simply google for an answer.

Of course, there is an even larger field that surrounds us on planet Earth. The energy field of all our thoughts, emotions, dreams, wishes, fears, and hopes.  If you have a question beyond the ordinary, you can tap into the data base of what Carl Jung called the collective unconscious.  Or you can raise your mind and heart to the higher realms which are also part of your life.  Then, as you listen carefully, you will find the answers in your mind and heart.

There is also more to fairy-tales. Fairy-tales are for our soul what studying is for our mind.

There must be a good reason why one of the greatest minds of our time said:

I invite you to dive into the magical world of my fairy-tales with me where dragons and wizards roam, where animals can talk, where friendship has to prove itself and everything turns out as it should be.

Read my fairy-tales to your children! Give them wings to fly! You find them right here on my website under ‘fairytales’.

This sunny morning, I write my thoughts down with my computer and share them with you.  I love my computer and I love my fairy-tales. I love my world – which includes you.

Brigitte Novalis