Which Direction Do You Take?

If you don’t want to stumble along the path of your life, you better stop once in a while and think about where you want to be.

At any moment, there are so many directions to take. It can be overwhelming.
That is why some of us walk in this direction and then in the opposite direction, never arriving where they want to be. Some are afraid to make any move and are then carried away by the energy of others, giving away their freedom of choice.

You can learn to give your life a direction that serves you well.

If you use your intelligence and your heart, it will be a good direction.

Energy flows where your attention goes.

Allow the creative power within your to flow in the direction of your dreams and wishes. Create a picture in your mind and visit it often, a picture that you see, hear, sense and feel, and observe how this picture manifests in your life.

What do you think?