When a Door Opens

open doorWhen a door opens, it’s good to walk through it, trusting that the door has opened for a good reason.

Sometimes we linger in the threshold because we are afraid of leaving something that is familiar and dear to us for something new we know nothing about. Nevertheless it’s a good idea to walk through open doors because our continued growth depends on our willingness to keep moving into new spaces.

This year 2012 demands of us to have the courage to walk through many doors. The world as we know it is changing. Most everyone is aware of it.

So what is demanded of you?

As situations and conditions change, to let go of outmoded opinions, to release rigid and limiting thought patterns, and to walk away from fear, sadness, victimhood and suffering.

How can you do that?

At the right time, you will get the right ideas: sometimes from inside, through your own intuition, sometimes from outside, through – for example – communications from me.

Do you have to let go of everything?

No, you keep and cherish what is good and life affirming in your life right now: your loving kindness for yourself and others, including our animal friends, your patience and courage, your happiness and appreciation.

By the way, loving kindness is always fresh, needed, wanted and just right at any time!

What do you think?

Looking into the Future

The auspicious year 2012 is upon us. Do you feel the growing acceleration of energies?

The year 2011 has brought a speeding up of events and rapid changes of situations. Powerful changes everywhere on our planet earth. Societies are changing. Financial markets are changing. Weather patterns are changing. The old is sinking. The new is rising.

Our personal lives are changing, too. Now, on the threshold of the new year, you can feel already how even more movements and changes come your way, like a storm blowing at you.


Face these winds of change with courage and trust. You are not just an observer. You are a participant in and creator of the coming events.

As you direct your thoughts and mental pictures to beauty, harmony and the well-being of all beings – not just people – you will create a good world to live in.

We all create the world to come.

Do you feel empowered?