Strong and Bold

You may have met or seen some impressive people who appear to be strong and bold.  The way they talk and act gives them an air of power and superiority.  They could be leaders in business, politics or sports.  Role models for all of us, or are they?

The colors in this picture are also strong and bold.  The fiery red clouds, mirrored in the lake, and the charcoal black trees and bushes create a dramatic impression.  And yet …

When you take a closer look you notice that the sky above the fiery red clouds is silvery and vast and its reflection in the lake silvery and soft.  So vast the sky, so smooth the lake.  So beautiful the fiery red clouds and the charcoal black trees.  What an impressive composition of nature!

Strong and bold colors can go together with silvery, soft colors and actually complement each other?

So could people who are strong and bold also be tolerant and gentle?  Or tolerant and gentle people also be strong and bold?  Could real power be based on these combined qualities?

Yes, that is exactly my point.  These people might not be impressive but they exude real power, of course, positive power.  Power that combines and harmonizes divergent forces.

What does this mean for you?

If you are strong and bold, balance these qualities with tolerance and gentleness.

If you are tolerant and gentle, balance these qualities with strength and boldness.

For some of you this means to develop your backbone more; for others, to open your heart more.  This dedication to your personal growth is important for you and others.

If you lack all of these qualities – take heart.  Stretch yourself to be the best you can be.  As an intuitive healer and I know that everyone is rich and powerful inside.  I also know that you can create who you want to be.  You can be strong and bold, tolerant and gentle if you wish, and become a true leader over time.