Straight Ahead on Your Track

Many people like their life life to be straight ahead on their track.  Do you also like your life to be straight ahead on your track?  Then your life is predictable.  You know what to expect from your family, your co-workers, your day-to-day work, your meals, even the density of traffic of your commute to your work place.  Comfortable, right?

Straight ahead from birth to death.

(Don’t be alarmed when I write “straight ahead from birth to death”.  Really, there is no death, only a transition to a different plane of life.  You still think, you still hear and see, you still remember, you still know that you are YOU.  You ARE still you.

The question here is, do you really want your life to go straight ahead on your track?  No surprises?  No detours?  No playing?  No dancing?   No silly moments?  No standing still and smelling the roses?

Have you ever contemplated how dull your life would be if you moved always or mainly straight ahead?  How grey?  How cold?  How empty?  Do you want a life like that?

This is a paradox of life.  In general, it’s a good idea to move straight ahead so that you can reach your goals. But it may happen that you reach your goals faster when you take detours.  Besides, the spice of life is in the detours and surprises.

This could be your own healing system – to move straight ahead on your track and then to make some detours here and there and enjoy them.