Spring Ducks, My Role Models for Trust

One of the many miracles of life is the arrival of spring ducks.  Their mothers have tended to the eggs with diligence and care, and here they come out of the eggshell – perfect little creatures.  So many of them for each mother duck.

Look at them – are they not perfect with their fine feathers and tiny beeks and legs and wings?

So many of them will not live to become full grown ducks.  The infant mortality rate is quite high among the wild spring ducks.  The first thunderstorm can take its toll as well as animal and human predators.


And yet – here they sit, the spring ducks, in the gras next to their mother and look about them with curiosity and trust. 

Their mother also looks quite content.  Once her children are grown up, they will be well equipped for their world near and in the water with their waterproof feathers that protect their down under layer while they are in the water searching for food.

These spring ducks are also well provided for.  There are so many algae, grass and weeds they can eat from, so many insects, worms and fish.

But I cannot help thinking how small they are, these spring ducks.  How vulnerable.  I wonder why such tiny creatues even try to survive.

There is something in them that knows that life is good and worth living.  Death is not the end of life.  It is only the end of the form as we know it, of the body.  Who they are – who we are – goes on forever and ever.

I don’t want to suggest that these spring ducks are small philosophers.  I do suggest, however, that all creatures are endowed with this precious inner knowing that we humans also have.  But often times we people choose to ignore or to forget about this inner wisdom.  It is this inner trust, that is missing.

Do you understand now why I look at these spring ducks with love and respect?  They are my role models for trust.