Speeding through Life

Life seems to be speeding up for many of us. It’s already August? What happened to the last weeks and months? Gone already? It seems that days passed by as if they only lasted a few hours.

speeding through lifeNow, you would think that people slow down their own life as much as they can – so that they HAVE a life to live. But, no!  Instead of slowing life down, people speed through life deliberately. They fill their days with more and more activities, meetings, and duties. Also their social calendars are spilling over with places to go and things to do.  Sounds familiar?

What’s the rush? Where do you want to be? At the completion of your task? At the fulfillment of your dreams? If you continue speeding up, living life with impatience, you find yourself soon enough – or maybe too soon – on your deathbed and ask yourself: ”What happened to the last years? What happened to my life? Gone already?”

Stop speeding through life. Take it easy. Live and enjoy life one day at a time. Be here now. As you do so, days and nights become more spacious again, also more peaceful.

In fact, you can only live now. You can THINK of the past and of the future, oftentimes sad and angry about the past and dreading the future, but your life is only here and now. That’s all you have, the here and now. By the way, the Here and Now is the eternal moment, filled with powerful potential. So, you better enjoy it!

Make your calendar lighter. Make your life brighter. Instead of speeding through life – walk and dance. Much more enjoyable.

Brigitte Novalis, healer, therapist, author of “Finding Love” and “The Magic of Inner Silence


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