Sitting on a Cloud, Watching the World Drift By

So free, so light, so joyful – sitting on a cloud, watching the world drift by. Looking down on rivers and fields and roads, on hills and houses and trees.

Who would not like to be that free? I would. Would you? Can you?

You cannot sit on a cloud with your body, but you can sit on a cloud in your imagination. Your imagination is not as heavy and sturdy as you body, I agree, but it has its own power, its own reality. Just give yourself the freedom, at least once in a while, to get a little lighter and a little brighter. Sit on a cloud and watch the world drift by.

What would you see down below? That’s up to you. You are free to decide what you would like to see. You will find what you want to see. You will find what you fear to see.  Always.  Allow your imagination to carry you along. Your imagination is your friend.

If you ask me: “What for? What will I gain by doing this?” My answer will be: “Be happy to get out of your shoebox. Be grateful that the world is so wide and so vast.  Enjoy that the world offers you millions of possibilities and millions of probabilities. Loosen up. Just sit on a cloud for the joy of it!”

Maybe these thoughts evoke something in you – a picture, a sound, a feeling of something wonderful, magical. As a child you felt it often. As you grow older, it becomes more elusive. Still, it’s there in you, always. It waits for you to stretch your wings again.

If you do, you will be so free, so light, so joyful – fly up and find yourself sitting on a cloud, watching the world drift by.


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