Roots Below the Surface

When you think of flowers, what comes to mind are their beautiful, colorful blossoms.  Sometimes you remember the fragrance of flowers.  When you bend down to breathe in the sweet aromatic scent of a beach rose, this scent can evoke in you a walk along a beach: the sunshine warm on your skin, the wind caressing your body, the friend walking at your side, the sense of happiness and freedom.  This impression can be so strong that for a moment you are lost in this experience as if it happens now.  Of course, it happens in what we can call the “eternal now”, even if – in our usual way of thinking – this might have happened many years ago.

When you think of flowers, usually you don’t have their stems and leaves and roots in mind although you know that there must be such things as stems and leaves and roots, or how could flowers live?

You see these water lilies, their leaves and stems, and know that they have roots under the surface of the water, on the bottom of the pond.

It’s the same with people.  When you look at people, you see the surface.  You see their bodies, clothes, surroundings.


You don’t see their roots although you know there must be such things as roots, or how could people live?

We humans need shelter, food, drink and air in order to survive – but living is more than surviving.  To really live we have to have our roots firmly embedded in a ground that supports and nourishes us in deeper ways. 

What nourishes us in deeper ways are peace of mind, joy and contentment, trust and comfort, freedom and love and a sense of the infinite.  The roots of your mind search for this ground, reach out to this ground.  It’s essential for your well-being to sink your roots into this ground.

You can find this ground within yourself, as you quiet your mind and become aware of your inner presence.  You can also find this ground in nature and experience what I call The Magic of Inner Silence”.

Isn’t it  a blessing that you can live a fulfilling life, when you go beyond the surface and sink your roots into your ground?