Those who look at these two at water’s edge, might get different impressions.  If you are someone who likes to hunt, you might think of getting your gun.

feeling respect

If you are living in your head, you might file them to your memory bank as “two ducks” and move on to the next item to file away.

If you are lost in your thoughts, you will get a blurred impression of life all around you and notice that there is something there, probably something like birds.

If you live a life respecting yourself, you are aware of two beautiful ducks and you see them with .  You see how free and self-assured they are, beautiful expressions of life.  You love and respect them for being who they are.

The truth is, that when you respect yourself, you vibrate with the frequency of respect and so you feel respect when you look at different manifestations of life.  It’s quite natural.

If you are NOT born with an attitude of respect – how can you gain it?  By giving yourself credit for everything that is good and true and beautiful in your life because you have created it.

I’m wondering if you can look at theses ducks with respect?