Reaching Your Goals with the Speed of a Snail

Would it make you proud if you knew that you were reaching your goals with the speed of a snail? “No way!” you might think, “So slow! Wasting so much time! Hardly ever getting there!”

You might even think of yourself as a failure when you imagine yourself reaching your goals with the speed of a snail.

I admit there are faster ways of reaching goals. Race horses galloping towards the finish line. Tigers jumping at their prey. Swallows flying in pursuit of insects.

But consider this – not everyone is like a race horse, a tiger or a swallow.  Some people have a slower pace. Their progress in life is not as dashing and swift as that of others.

So what?

The snail is well equipped for reaching its goals. It even carries its own house along. Its pace is slow but steady, inching along reliably.  The snail does not jump from place to place, changing its mind from one moment to another. No, it stays on its course. When there are obstacles in its way, it moves across them or around them, resuming the intended direction.

If you are like that – my congratulations! At least you reach your goals!

Don’t compare yourself with others who seem to move faster. Remember that there are many ways to live one’s life. They are all different and that’s good!

If you think you resemble a snail more than a race horse, be proud of yourself. You are not better or lesser than others. You are just YOU, a unique expression of life.

Be who you are and enjoy being who you are. Stay on your course. When there are obstacles in your way, move across them or around them and resume your intended direction. Even if you move towards your goals with the speed of a snail – you will reach them!


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