Rays of Hope

Rays of hope – how needed they are in a world where people worry about everything you can imagine!  Some even worry about how their dream will come true.  Here I don’t talk about the dreams we have when we sleep at night but about the dreams and ideas you are given as an inspiration.

Now, when people have a dream about how beautiful their life can be or about what wonderful things they can create, you would expect that such a dream, such an idea, would inspire and uplift them, right?

In many cases – far from it!  Yes, there are moments of joy and optimism when they receive the inspiration from their higher mind.  Then they expand.  They sparkle and shine.  But after a while, the usual dull thinking takes over and the dream they had is no longer a promise to fulfill and to enjoy but rather an illusion, something they could never create.  Or something they could only create with hard work and much suffering.  So oftentimes people give up on their dreams.


Look at this lush green field, full of promise of a good harvest.  It is as rich and beautiful as your dreams are.


Yes, there can be dark clouds above.  There can be storms and hail.  Or droughts. But look at the horizon.  There are always rays of hope.

You might not know it but you have a responsibility for your dreams.  They are the children of your inspiration and imagination.  They want to be received with kindness.  They want to live and grow.  They are willing to enrich your life and the life of others.  Allow the rays of hope to shine on your dreams.  Look at the horizon for the rays of hope.  Ask for them!  The rays of hope will come even in the darkest night.  They traverse the universe and shine wherever we call for them.

Can you imagine how rich life on earth can be when we let the rays of hope shine on our dreams so that they become reality?