Precious Moment

Our life seems to be a continuous flow of moments, as one follows the other, year after year.  Most of them go unnoticed because you did not really live them.  In order to live them, you have to be “there” for the moment, present for the moment, live in the moment.

Have you ever been at a lake or at the ocean when the sun is setting and the sky is all golden and the water reflects this golden light?

A precious moment, don’t you agree?

Some of you might think that this is a moment worth living.  Life should give you more of such glorious moments.  Then and only then you might actually enjoy life.  But, “such a pity,” you might think,  “such moments are rare.  It seems, life is miserly with such precious moments.”

Some of you, as they are standing at the lake or at the ocean, might not even notice such a precious moment as they think of their tax declaration or their dentist appointment at this time and all the glory of this golden sunset is lost on them.  I almost wrote “all the glory of this golden sunset is wasted on them.”  But that is not how life and nature, being part of life, work.  Nature is patient and generous.  More precious moments will be presented to you.  Also, there are no hard feelings in nature if you fail to notice its beauty!

Are only such beautiful moments worth noticing and living?  Maybe you live in a city or in a place far away from lakes and oceans.  What then?  Wherever you are – unless you live in a cave  – you can look up at the sky.  You can look up at the sun, the moon, the stars, the clouds drifting by.  There are precious moments everywhere.

What about ordinary times?  

What about times when you write a report or work at a machine or wash the kitchen floor?  These are not precious moments, right?

Here is the secret: Each moment can be precious and worth living – if you make it so!

The beauty of your life experience depends on your willingness to be aware of your life as it unfolds, one precious moment after another.