Praise to the Man Who Invented the Wheel!

On your way to work – don’t you want to praise the man who invented the wheel? No? Why ever not?

How do you get to your place of work – to your factory, company, hospital, shop, or school?  Don’t you rely on all kinds of wheels in trains and subways, in buses and automobiles? Why don’t you praise the man who invented the wheel? The thought did not enter your mind?

Forgive me for pulling your leg! But think about it – don’t we owe much to those men who invented and improved the wheel?

A long time ago, inventive people came up with the idea to put rollers beneath heavy objects so that they could move them more easily.  Elsewhere, other inventive people improved on this idea and put runners under heavy loads to make it easier to drag them.  Eventually, yet more inventive people put those two ideas together and put heavy loads on runners that were moved over rollers.  Over hundreds or even thousands of years, the rollers were slowly changed into wheels with axels, where the wood between the grooves of the roller that were left by the continued use of runners sliding over them were cut away to form an axle, and wooden pegs were fastened to the runners on each side of the axle. The first wagons were ‘born’.

Spoked wheels, a further improvement of wheels, are actually attributed to the Andronovo culture that flourished ca. 1800–1400 BC in western Siberia and the west Asiatic steppe. These improved wheels with spokes enabled people to build lighter, faster vehicles.

Around 1500 BC, the Egyptians, Indians and later the Greeks adopted the new idea of wheel-making. Later, the Romans excelled in wheel-making for all kinds of chariots – chariots for war, hunting, and racing, two-wheeled farm carts, heavy, four-wheeled freight wagons, and passenger coaches. Of course, this development went along with building roads.

Today, we have wheels of steel for trains and subways running on rails and pneumatic rubber tires for vehicles on streets and highways.

Of course, we cannot praise a single man for inventing the wheel. Generations of inventive men contributed to the idea and improvement of the many different wheels of our times.  

Are you not proud of those among us who are inventive enough to create new tools and improve them?

When you think about it – how about praising “the man” who invented the wheel?



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