Playing or Worrying – What is Your Choice?

Have you played lately? Not for a while? Have you worried lately? Just an hour ago? Playing or worrying – what is your choice?

“My choice?” you might think. “You are kidding me, right? It’s not my choice to worry. I just happen to worry. That’s how life is. There is always something to worry about.”  

LIFE IS AS IT IS. It is here to be enjoyed.  Of course, you can always find reasons to worry. But you can also find people, things, events, and circumstances to be happy about, all the time. It’s your choice.

It’s your choice to enjoy life and play. Play happily like the boy and his dog in this picture. 

I know that sometimes you feel lonely or sad. Sometimes you are in pain. You can still choose to put your attention on something pleasant. For a moment, you can smile and think about what you would like to play and then do it.

To play what? To play with your children, to play with your dogs or cats. To play cards or board games with your family. To play ball with friends.

If you cannot play any of these games where you are right now, use your imagination.  At least in your mind you can play happily. As a hypnotherapist I know how powerful the mind is. In your mind you can go to all different places and play happily there.

Each happy moment makes your life brighter.

Playing or worrying – it’s a choice. A radical choice.  



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