No Time to Smell the Roses

Do you belong to those who have no time to smell the roses? How often do you hear “no time”? How often do you say this to yourself? It echoes through our industrialized world – “no time”, “no time.”

Why do we hurry so much? Why do deadlines govern our lives? “Deadline”, what a terrible word! So you drop dead when you fail to finish a certain project at a given time? You know that this is not true but still you rush, still you feel that you have to accomplish more at a given time because there might be negative repercussions if you don’t. Yes, often you are expected to function more efficiently and faster. But sometimes you spur yourself on needlessly.

Stop! Right now stop and smell the roses. If you are blessed with roses in your garden –step out of your house, admire the roses and breathe in their scent. There are roses in parks and at flower shops. Smell the roses and enjoy their beauty and scent.

Roses or no roses – step out of the rush of life and enjoy a moment of peace and tranquility. A moment where you are just by yourself or with someone you cherish – without words, without actions. Just BE!

Remember, we call ourselves human beings, not human doers.

I must confess that I like efficiency, even excellence. The machinery of our world seems to function better when we all do our work well, and dependably, and at the right time.

The secret is that you can accomplish what you want to do more easily and elegantly when you stop once in a while to feel that you are still alive – and smell the roses.



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