Nights Are Getting Longer Now

Longer, darker, colder – at least in my part of the world.  I sometimes shudder when I have to go out on one of these dark, long, cold winter nights.  I feel the loss of light and warmth and comfort.  There is also a touch of loneliness in this feeling.  Of being left alone.  Of being exposed to a dangerous world.

But then I remember that in reality our world is a beautiful and lovable world and that I belong to it – winter nights, and all.  I remember, too, that I can adjust myself to these winter nights with a warm coat, scarf, and gloves.  And with my boots, these wonderfully warm boots.

When I find myself outside in the dark cold winter night, I have a choice.  I can feel sorry for myself and put my attention to the cold and darkness and shudder OR I can enjoy the feeling of how well my cloths keep my body warm and enjoy the wonders of winter nights – bright stars above or gently falling snow, street lamps with their comforting light, and mysterious shades of trees.

How refreshing the air!  How invigorating!  How beautiful is this winter night!

You see, we have choices.  You also have choices.  It matters what choice you make.  You can give in to self-pity or you can empower yourself.

If you ask me, go for the warm clothes and the joyful thoughts.

Of course, there is also “coming home”!  As you open the door, enjoy the warmth and light and whoever is there.  Everyone and everything can give you this warm feeling of “coming home” – your family, your cat, your dog, your computer, your books on the shelf, your e-reader, your kitchen, your bed.

What a pleasure to come home on a dark cold winter night!