Need Help With Your Computer Stuff? Well, I’m Here to Assist.

Do you need help at times?  I do.  Especially with computer stuff.  I’m good at healing and helping people get happy again.  I’m also good at writing books that help people be inspired and feel better.  “Healing With Books” – that  comes natural to me.

Computers, however, the whole IT stuff, are a different world.  Here I feel lost at times.  Here I need help.  So I’m glad that I have some trustworthy helpers out there.  I’m grateful for their help.

It’s good to appreciate help, don’t you think so?

What about the help of our cat?  Look at her, how happy she looks among the computers, almost benign.

Do you think she helps us?  You bet!  She is here to assist.  She radiates such a strong feeling of well-being that one has to feel good when she’s around.  Especially among computers.

I have to admit that I rather rely on my computer expert friends when it comes to technical problems.  On the other hand, our cat helps me feel somehow hopeful when an IT crisis arises.  Helping someone feel hopeful in a crisis is a lot of help, right?

Our cats and dogs do this for all of us.  Or our horses.  Or our parrots.  Maybe also fish.  One could gain the impression that our animal companions had some kind of “personal development goal” when they came into our life, assisting us so lovingly.  Why?  Because, when you help others, you also help yourself.

Don’t be disheartened by their example!  You can do the same.  You can be loving.  You can be good.  Take heart!  You can also assist others when they need help!