Moving into the Unknown

How scary is the thought – for many of us – of moving into the unknown. Where will I find myself? What will happen to me? Will I be safe?

As you walk the streets of an unknown town, you can see along the street, across the street, into shops and restaurants or gardens. What you cannot do is look around the corner through a building or a wall. You can only see what is around the corner when you are actually there.  Then you can make up your mind if you want to move in that direction or not.

Life is like that walk through an unknown town. Life is always shifting and changing. You don’t know for sure what awaits you around that corner or at the end of that bridge.

moving into the unknown

You can trust, of course, that a bridge like this is built for many people, for you as well. You can trust that you can cross that bridge safely and arrive at the opposite shore all in good time, all intact even though from your point of view the other end is shrouded in fog. Crossing this bridge feels like moving into the unknown.

People coming your way from the opposite side also see the other end (your end) of the bridge shrouded in fog. You could wave at them and call: “Just come on over! The bridge is safe  and streets await you although you cannot see them from your side.”

This particular bridge is the Golden Gate Bridge with very busy traffic. No-one beckons you.  Solid lines of cars drive over it, hour after hour, but the principle is the same. The drivers of those cars all expect to arrive safely at the other end.

Do they also arrive safely at their life’s goals and destinations? Do YOU also arrive safely at your life’s goals and destinations? That depends on you. It depends on your trust in life. On your trust and belief that all is good in your own world. It depends on your trust and belief that you are supported by benevolent forces, divinely guided.

Then crossing this bridge shrouded in fog becomes exciting and exhilarating and you just love moving into the unknown. 



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