More Love for You?

Wouldn’t you like to have more love in your life?  To be more loved by others?  To feel more love in your daily life from morning to night?  Would be great, right?  You can have it!

How?  Just like that?  As if by magic?

Well, not exactly.  You may have to do something.  You understand that if your heart is open only a little bit, only a bit of love can come in or get out.  That’s logic, right?  The question is what you can do to open your heart more so that you can get more love and give more love and consequently feel more love.   I can tell you.  Ready for an experiment?  Good.

Look at these hearts.  Look at their color.  The hearts are pink.

Relax where you are and get quiet in your mind.

Now think of your heart.  Use your imagination to fill your heart with pink color as in this picture.  See this pink color fill your heart more and more.  Whatever you are doing, sitting or walking, feel this pink light in your heart.   Just feel it.  Get comfortable with it.  Feel wonderful about it.  Keep seeing and feeling it.

If you do it right, all of a sudden, you will feel good.  More alive.  Happier.

This is a beautiful way to create more love for you.

If you continue feeling this pink color in your heart in the days to come, life gets easier.  Although not everything will go according to your plans, the love you feel will make everything more pleasant, more radiant.

What if you do this exercise for a while and you feel no change?  No love?  What then?

Be kind to yourself. For some people personal transformation is easier than for others.  Keep doing this exercise.  Do your best.  Then, one day, you will feel good.  More alive.  Happier.  You will notice that there is more love in your life.