Miracle of Life

Look at this branch.  It looks so dry and hard but still – there is this opening in the wood where the soft new leaf is coming out.  Miracle of life!

The leaf that is emerging is perfect in its shape and form.  It looks like other leaves of his particular tree.  It does not resemble the large round leaf of a rhubarb nor does it look like the heart-shaped leaf of a linden tree.

This leaf is as it is meant to be, a perfect part of the tree it grows on.

We look only at the outside of this leaf.  If we could look inside and became aware of what happens on a cell level, we would find much complexity and activity.  This leaf “breathes in” carbon dioxide and “breathes out” oxygen which we need to breathe and live.  Miracle of life!

Also, this leaf takes in the sunlight and – through photosynthesis – assimilates the carbon in the air and turns it into plant mass.  That’s how the plant grows.  Another miracle of life.

There is order and harmony in nature.  You and I are also a part of nature.  We are imbedded in this stream of life that flows and flows and nurtures trees and grass blades, insects and fish, birds and dogs, you and me.  The stream of life flows and shares its energy and harmony with all of us – until we destroy this order.  For the last hundred years we worked hard on destroying this order.  We can no longer close our eyes to this destruction.  It’s time to come back to a natural appreciation of life all around us.  It’s time to admire such a leaf that emerges from the wood and appreciate the miracle of life all around us.

Are you aware of the fact that YOU are also a miracle of life?