Meditation clears the mind of the useless clutter of negative and self destructive thinking. If your mind is restless, filled with worries and anxieties, you will find it difficult to be happy, no matter your circumstances.

The process of meditation, however, is easier said than done. The mind gets distracted easily. That is where the guided meditations on mp3 come in.

As beautiful and necessary as meditations in general are, my Healing Meditations go a step further. They are infused with transformational healing energies.

Furthermore, the
Positive Meditation Music

created for “The Brook Meditation” by German composer Christian Hoeppner adds more transformational healing power.

Healing Meditation “The Brook”            Master Edition

positive meditation music downloadThis Healing Meditation


combined with the
Positive Meditation Music

provides you with powerful energy clearing.

Here you can wash away your sorrows, absorb life force into your body and find peace of mind.


The download of the BROOK  MEDITATION  gives you three versions:
– Voice and music   – Just voice    –  Just music         Format MP3       Add to Cart

Healing Meditation and Positive Meditation Music Download “The Brook”