Majestic Trees of Louisiana

Many parts of our earth are blessed with trees.  As different as the landscapes are, as different are their dominant trees.  These majestic trees called live oaks grow in Louisiana and similar southern landscapes. 

Often we take trees for granted, especially when we live in areas where there are many trees.  As you look at the live oaks in this picture, however, don’t you get an impression of their majesty and serenity? 

These are venerable trees.  They have seen generations of people walk, ride and run under their branches.  They have seen peaceful times and unsettled times – troubled as far as it relates to people.  These majestic trees – as all trees do – stay serene.  From reading this you might get the impression that I think trees don’t care for us people.  On the contrary!  You don’t need to work with energies as intuitive healers and Reiki-Masters do in order to be able to feel their gentle energies.  When you learn to calm your mind you can feel the gentle and soothing energies trees exude from which we benefit.

From my book “The Magic of Inner Silence”:

“As I opened my inner senses to the energy-intelligence of trees, I became aware of them emanating gentle and caring energies for us human beings, like loyal shepherd dogs who watch over their people. I felt then and still feel a great sense of gratitude for trees. Their beauty and gentle energies enrich our lives. Even more importantly, without trees we would not be able to breathe air. Without trees we would cease to exist.”

Let us offer our thanks to all trees, also to the majestic trees of Louisiana!