Majestic Tiger, Majestic Cat

When I say “majestic tiger”, many of you will agree.  Yes, a tiger is a majestic creature, as majestic as a lion, or a whale, or an elephant.  The sheer size of these animals makes them seem majestic.  But is it only their size?  Rhinos, for example, are big animals, also cows are not exactly small but I think nobody will call them majestic.


What about a cat such as this one?  Do you see his strength?  His dignity?  Would you call this cat “majestic”? 




When you think of a majestic tiger, maybe you admire his strength, agility and stamina.  Maybe you LOOK UP to a tiger – from a safe distance if you are wise – remembering that this majestic tiger would not hesitate having you for breakfast in case he is still hungry.

What about a cat’s strength, agility and stamina?  Many of them have strength, agility and stamina, right?   Why can you NOT admire a cat for being majestic?  Because a cat is smaller than a tiger?  Because a cat would NOT have you for breakfast?  Because a cat is NOT a potential threat to you?

So, because you fear the potential threat of a tiger you might call him majestic but when a cat comes close and you don’t need to fear him, the word majestic does not apply to him?

What does it say about us humans when we cannot see and appreciate a creature – or a human being – for what they are?  Instead we see them mainly somehow in relationship to us.  Smaller than us.  Bigger than us.  Poorer than us.  Richer than us.  Do you notice how distorted such a view is?

Fortunately enough, we – you and I – have a clearer, more respectful worldview, right?  We can honor where honor is due.

So – because they deserve it – let’s honor the majestic cat along with the majestic tiger.