Love Your Neighbor

You are a good person. You love your neighbor, right? Not really? At least, you are honest and I like honesty. It’s rare and precious.

Still. The question arises – why don’t you love your neighbor?  The folks next door are too noisy, too stupid, too haughty, too whatever? By the way, “your neighbor” is also your colleague or teacher or mailman or bookseller.

I think you know that the love I talk about is not personal romantic love but unconditional love. Maybe I should better call it “loving kindness”, as the Dalai Lama uses to say. Great spiritual teacher, the Dalai Lama.  

So why don’t you love your neighbor? Hard to say? Are you judging them maybe? Do you think they should be better somehow – smarter, kinder, prettier, better groomed, or more successful before you can love them?

Well, maybe they think the same about you. Paulo Coelho expressed it so well: “Everyone seems to have a clear idea how other people should live their lives, but none about his or her own. “

love your neighbor

So you see – we all sit in the same boat. We are not perfect. Most of the time we are good but there are times when we are not. So what?!

Be kind to yourself. Be kind to your neighbor. Look for the best in you. You will find it! Also, look for the best in others.

Funny thing is – when you look for the best in others, they are aware of it (although unconsciously) and show you their best side. Why? Because everyone wants to be loved and appreciated.

In our times, it really is not a secret any more: “You get back what you send out.”

So, if you want a good and pleasant life – love your neighbor!

 Brigitte Novalis, healer, therapist, author of “Finding Love” and “The Magic of Inner Silence


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