Love Your Inner Child

Your inner child – what is that?  An idea?  A fantasy?  No, your inner child is quite real.  As real as your mind is.  As real as your spirit or soul is.  Your inner child is an inherent part of the body-mind-spirit system that you are.

“I don’t know,” I hear some of you saying, “Body, yes, I have a body.  Mind, yes, too.  I do think and use my brain but I’m not so sure about the spirit part.  I don’t see my spirit in the mirror.  I cannot touch it with my hands.”

Of course, not.  Your spirit or soul is the energy part of you, that pure divine energy that you are – besides the body and the mind.  The creative part of you, the loving part of you, the wise and joyful part of you.  And your inner child is the little boy or the little girl that you once were.  It is still there inside of you.

How do you go about loving your inner child?

You don’t have to be a hypnotherapist or like myself to be able to love your inner child; you can simply imagine your inner child and talk with him or her.

If you have never done it before, your inner child might be shy or aloof.  After all, you have never before been kind to him or her.  Some people tell me that their inner child is even angry with them.  If that is so with you, be patient and kind.  After a while, your inner child will come closer and smile at you.  It is innocent and loving.

Ask your inner child what he or she wants.  If he says “vanilla ice cream,” eat vanilla ice cream.  If she says: “I want a teddy bear,” buy a teddy bear.  I bought a wonderful teddy bear for my little girl and have to smile whenever I see him in my bedroom.  Some people get crayons and make pictures with their inner child.  Some sing merry songs or whistle along.

Most of the time, however, your inner child just wants your loving attention.  Hug your inner child.  Talk with her.  How I love to “look out of her eyes.”  As I walk or drive, I show her things like trees in blossom or gigantic trucks.  She also talks with me.  “Look at the cloud there!  Looks like a rabbit, right?”

If you want to be happy, love your inner child.




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