Love Dogs

In my family, we our dogs and they us.

Of course, they are easy to love, as friendly, intelligent and beautiful as they are.  They must have a high opinion of us as well because they love us back.  You can see it, you can feel it.

Other families also love their dogs.  I meet them in the parks nearby.

What a variety of dogs: Miniature Pinshers, small like cats, Great Danes, tall like ponies and so gentle, German Shepherds, intelligent and loyal,  Golden Retrievers, friendly and welcoming.

Although I still think that our dogs are the best and most beautiful – which undoubtedly they are – I cannot help appreciating and loving them all: these Collies and Setters, Boxers and Huskies, Pugs and Poodles walking, running, sniffing, playing – what wonderful dogs they are!  How special their people who walk them in the park!

This is the miracle of love – once you open your heart for love, you cannot stop loving.

Do you , too?