Looking into the Future

The auspicious year 2012 is upon us. Do you feel the growing acceleration of energies?

The year 2011 has brought a speeding up of events and rapid changes of situations. Powerful changes everywhere on our planet earth. Societies are changing. Financial markets are changing. Weather patterns are changing. The old is sinking. The new is rising.

Our personal lives are changing, too. Now, on the threshold of the new year, you can feel already how even more movements and changes come your way, like a storm blowing at you.


Face these winds of change with and . You are not just an observer. You are a participant in and creator of the coming events.

As you direct your thoughts and to beauty, and the well-being of all beings – not just people – you will a good world to live in.

We all create the world to come.

Do you feel empowered?