Lonesome Rock in a Wild Sea

Who has not felt like a lonesome rock in a wild sea at least once in life?  Terrible feeling, right?   Alone and isolated in a world which seems unpredictable, even dangerous.


When you snap out of it, you breathe with relief.  You look around and see that there ARE people in your life who care about you – and you about them – and that your life is actually pretty pleasant.

However, there are people who feel like a lonesome rock more often.  They experience this deep loneliness and isolation most of the time.

If you are one of these “lonesome rocks” – what can you do to find friendship and love?  Become a member of groups?  Search the internet?

These can be good options – among others – but if you feel like a lonesome rock you will attract other lonesome rocks.  Why?  Because “like attracts like”. 

If you are not happy with yourself and if you don’t love yourself, you will most likely attract people who ALSO don’t appreciate themselves – and you!  Two miserable people don’t make a happy couple.

I want you to understand that you must feel better BEFORE friendship and love can come to you.   If you want to get away from being a lonesome rock, you have to change YOURSELF FIRST. 

In our times, we have healing techniques and approaches which can help you to open up for love and appreciation.  One of them is my ebook “Finding Love”.  It is fun to read.  It is entertaining.  Most importantly, “Finding Love” helps you to become more lovable and attract love into your life.  Why is this so powerful?  Because I am not just an author, I am also a therapist and healer.

As you use the techniques of Finding Love and live with this new way of thinking, you will see how “your being a lonesome rock” drifts to the distant past and how you emerge as the lovable, loving and beloved person that you truly are.