Listen to the Voice of Love

You can listen to the voice of love in your heart. It speaks to you all the time. Often times, however, your thoughts are so loud and so frequent that you don’t hear it because the voice in your heart is quiet and gentle.

Good news is that there are voices of love you can hear with your ears AND with your heart.  Voices that talk to you about your lovability and the way you can find love.

I offer you my audio book “Finding Love” with joy and, yes, with love.  It is a precious audio book, professionally produced, read by two great professional narrators, and the content …

Let me talk about the content.  Some authors collect bits and pieces of information and put these together as books.  The information is valid and can be helpful but often you still feel empty.

My books are different.  They are based on my work and life as a healer and therapist. More important, however, is the fact that they are written through inspiration.

Books written through inspiration – or music and paintings created through inspiration – touch your heart because there is a higher energy at work.

Can you imagine how wonderful you will feel as you listen to the voices of love in this audio book “Finding Love” and prepare yourself – for finding love?

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