Keep it simple.

You live in a complex world. As a member of a modern society, you have many rules and obligations: commuting to your workplace, completing your tasks, raising children, cooking meals, going shopping, attending meetings, answering phone calls, paying taxes, following traffic rules, and more, and more.

At times you feel like a small wheel in a huge machine. Daily life seems to have its own momentum and carries you along with all its tasks and obligations and habits. Not a moment for yourself.

Really? Not a moment for yourself?

Look at this flower. It is so . It is so beautiful.

This flower lives and grows without any obligations. It just unfolds itself, turning its face to the sun and drinking in the rain. In its simplicity, it’s .

You can also return to a simple perfect life.

You can let go of many self-imposed duties and activities and keep what is important and essential.

Would you like that?

PS: As you live your perfect simple life, I still expect you to go to work, pay taxes and follow traffic rules. Most of all, to be a good human being!