It’s Raining in My Heart

Raining in My Heart

It’s raining in my heart as it’s raining on the Earth. A friend has departed, walking through the veil to the other side of life. He is no longer part of my circle of friends here on Earth. I cannot visit him anymore, nor can I call him on the phone. He is gone.

Raining in My Heart sadness sorrow depression

Raining in My Heart

How I wish I could wind time back for one more smile and for some more words of kindness! I would like to hold on to him – but we must let go. Whenever he goes, it is time for him to go. This departure is not imposed on him. No one leaves who truly wants to stay.  Let’s make our peace with it.

And yet – it’s raining in my heart.

Why do I mourn? I know he still lives. This statement is not a child’s hope or a pious illusion. I know that life exists always. Life IS. Who lives, lives on. My friend lives. I admit, yes – in a different environment and no longer in a body composed of the elements of Earth, but all that matters about him – his mind and spirit – continue to exist, because consciousness cannot be destroyed. My friend lives on, and together we travel through space and time.

Still, it’s raining in my heart.

Let it rain! Let sadness wash over me! It’s part of being human.


Brigitte Novalis, healer, therapist, and the author of Finding Love and “The Magic of Inner Silence