Isn’t Life Exciting?

“Have you seen that squirrel up there?  How far it jumps?  How fast it climbs?  Exciting!  Exciting!  How I love squirrels!”

Just by looking at my dog in this photo you can see how happy and excited she is just watching the squirrel up in that tree.

On another day, when a young squirrel fell out of a tree right in front of us, my dog stayed a respectful distance from the small animal and waved her tail, while the squirrel got on its feet, shook itself and took off into the thicket.

All my friendly dog wants is to spot the squirrel and bark at it up in the tree out of sheer happiness.  The daily walk in the park is such a great adventure.  What a pleasure to meet all the people and dogs and chipmunks and birds!  For my dog, life is exciting and beautiful.

How about you?  How is life for you?  Also exciting and beautiful?

No?  Why not?  What has happened?  Or better said – what did you allow to happen that you don’t feel any longer the beauty and spontaneity of life?  As a child you felt it!

There was a time in my life when I felt like you.  I was burdened by thoughts and memories and my life had become dull.  Then I discovered the “way out”.  Not through my studies of clinical , psychology or Reiki.  I found my way out of mediocrity and dullness through what I call “The Magic of Inner Silence”.  I have written a book about it.  You can get it here and read it and return to a more spontaneous life.  What I can do, you can do.

Its worthwhile reading the book and doing the meditations and simply absorbing the ideas about how life works.  If you let it happen, life works with you and for you.  If you wish, your life can be exciting and beautiful.