In Chains You Are

In chains you are as long as you are enslaved by the old programs in your subconscious mind. The subconscious part of your mind is that part of your mind that you are not fully aware of.  There you harbor assumptions and beliefs about reality which you picked up more or less randomly when you grew up.

How do we pick up such assumptions and beliefs?  As an example, let us look at India where they train elephants. They take the baby elephant and tie him with an iron chain to a huge tree. During the first night, the small elephants pulls and pulls at the tree but cannot free herself. He hears the trumpeting voices of his family but he cannot reach them. After some days and weeks, the young elephant gives in.

The people who work with the elephant start cutting the size of the chain and the tree. As years go by the elephant has grown into a big animal and can pull big trees and carry heavy loads. Even if they tie him down with a flimsy rope to a bush the elephant is unable to escape. He has internalized the assumption that he cannot break free.  As he believes it, he stays in his chains.

You are In chains when you experience the world from a mindset that was randomly programmed. Programmed  by the assumptions and beliefs of your parents, siblings, teachers, neighbors, friends, and later on in life – by the media.

Some of these assumptions are – the world is a dangerous place; life is difficult; there is not enough abundance for everybody, you are at the mercy of outer circumstances. Assumptions! And if you believe these assumptions, they become your reality.

How can you break the chains you are in?  You can start your personal transformation by contradicting your own thoughts of fear and worry, sarcasm and loneliness – day by day, steadily.

Replace these thoughts with ideas of your worthiness, goodness, and strength.  And ABOVE all – LOVE yourself.  Eventually you will notice that you are free, no longer in chains.