How Can There Be a Black Swan When Everyone Knows That Swans Are White?

As far as we know – swans are white.  You can ask your friends this question: “Listen, which color are swans? “  And inevitable they will say: “White, of course.”   And you are lucky if they don’t add the word “dummy”!

But now you see a picture of a black swan.

Such an unexpected sight – a black swan instead of a white swan.

How can that be?  An error of nature?  Something to be suspicious of?  Or even disgusted by?


When you overcome the surprise of seeing, hearing or learning  something unexpected, you can expand your mind.  You can choose to look at things and at life in general with a more relaxed and generous attitude.  Then your mind becomes clearer.

Then you are free to evaluate what it actually IS that you see, hear and learn – even if it‘s a black swan instead of a white swan – and benefit from it.

When you look at this black swan you cannot help admiring this beautiful bird.  You see the elegant arch of its neck, the splendid plumage.  You can almost feel its power.

As unusual as the sight of a black swan is in the Northern hemisphere of our planet, as usual it is at the Southern hemisphere.  For people on Hawaii, for example, seeing a black swan is a usual and welcome sight.

When you look at life with acceptance – where you appreciate the sight of a black swan as well as the sight of a white swan – you gain a sense of freedom and ease.